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Re: localized bf for potato release?

"J.A. Bezemer" <costar@panic.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

> Cc:'d to -cd to increase awareness: if the disks-*/ size changes, the CD
> creation scripts must be adjusted. (At least, AFAIK there is no autodetection
> feature yet). 

Ah, thanks for pointing that out.  

Maybe a totally independant area, 


would be better and won't cause any suprises for cd folks or
whatever.  This seems worse for the user though since they won't
really know to look there.

> Do you have any idea how much extra images we're talking about? Per arch?

Root and rescue per language.  this is going to vary based on what
flavors for i386 are used.  At worst, that is 2 disks * 1.44 MB * 16
languages * 4 flavors == 184.32 MB.  That's for one arch.

This is a very severe pain in the ass, make no mistake.  We have a
language chooser system which seems to support quite a lot of
languages (not all!) but it is not very well tested yet?

(I still think we should supply it anyway).

> And maybe an idea: since the l10'd floppy series are >90% the same,
> we could possibly think of some "binary patching to the desired
> language" scheme. I'll leave further exploration of options to
> people with more time ;-)

Good idea, and it really is pretty feasible (the only variance on the
rescue disk for instance

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