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Re: 2.2.16?

In Mon, 3 Jul 2000 11:26:32 -0700, de profundis Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> cum veritate scripsit

tausq> > BTW, PCMCIA never seems to install before base is installed on the
tausq> > harddisk, i.e. One is not sure if Debian will be able to 
tausq> > install on the machine via network when he has to format the
tausq> > Harddisk.
tausq> this is indeed an issue, for which we don't have a solution ATM. hopefully
tausq> this will be addressed more completely in woody.

One solution I did for my own work (I wanted to be able to test
PCMCIA before removing the contents of the Harddisk of my
old 486 notebook PC running DOS) was to make a ext2 image of

Say I have base2_2.tgz, and some deb packages I wanted to 
add to make things work (e.g. pcmcia-modules)

# dd if=/dev/zero of=hdimage.e2
# mke2fs -F hdimage.e2
# mkdir mountpoint
# mount hdimage.e2 mountpoint -o loop
# cd mountpoint 
# tar xfz ../base2_2.tgz
# cp ../*.deb tmp
# chroot `pwd` bin/bash
# dpkg -i tmp/*.deb

Then, I have a file called hdimage.e2 which I can send to
the notebook machine via FTP (or your favorite protocol).

Then, using the boot-floppies boot the notebook machine into Linux
, after keyboard selection, go to the shell, and do :

# mount /dev/hda1 target
# mount -o loop /target/hdimage.e2 mnt
# cd mnt
# chroot `pwd` bin/bash
# pcnetconfig
# /etc/init.d/pcmcia start

I think this enabled me to run things fine. 
Actually, all I wanted to do was to make a backup copy of
the old harddisk and did a :

cat /dev/hda1 | rsh -l dancer host "cat > notebook.msdos"

I hope my experience helps. 


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