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boot-floppies bug cleanup

# RC bugs

#64371: Smart Array RAID Compaq do not see at boot; 44 days old 
severity 64371 normal

#64823: incorrect LILO automatic placement on i386; 35 days old 
severity 64371 normal

#65515: boot-floppies: update-modules requires /bin/bash; 20 days old 
# will be fixed with upcoming b-f release

#65988: modules unavailable because of wierd symlink; 12 days old 
# will be fixed with upcoming b-f release

#64500: subject boot-floppies don't want to install kernel & modules on ppc/apus.; 41 days old 
# status unknown

#66284: PCMCIA Network setup not working 
# will be fixed with upcoming b-f release

# Normal bugs

#51574: hardware on Promise Controller not seen by fdisk during install; 215 days old 
severity 51574 fixed
# closed as slink bug

#57133: dbootstrap problems [mostly done] - dir chooser, config net (ppp), init-chroot, doc suggestion; 147 days old 
severity 57133 fixed
# has been fixed for a long time

#58857: The boot floppies do not work with milex raid on root.; 129 days old 
severity 58857 fixed
# has been fixed for a long time

#59312: boot-floppies: dbootstrap aborts when using raid partitions; 123 days old 
severity 58857 fixed
# has been fixed for a long time

#61802: documentation bugs in alpha install docs; 88 days old 
retitle 61802 [alpha] bugs in documentation

#62672: norika/resc1440.bin; 74 days old 
retitle 62672 [alpha] problems with norika boot disk

#63398: More missing pcmcia unresolved externals in 4/17 boot disks; 61 days old
severity 62298 fixed

#63743: Installation : configure device drivers fail to handle modules.conf; 55 days old 
severity 63743 fixed

#64179: stop button while downloading over http does nothing; 47 days old 
severity 64179 fixed

#64200: Problems installing potato/sparc from tftp.; 47 days old 
severity 64200 fixed

#64349: boot-floppy: insists on path image-1.44/rescue.bin; 44 days old 
merge 64349 66326

#64522: Performa 600 error; 40 days old 
retitle 64522 [m68k] error installing on Performa 600

#64576: segfaults in busybox; 39 days old 
severity 64576 fixed

#64621: Installing from network window don't show errors but silently restarts the installer; 39 days old 
severity 64621 fixed

#64636: (no subject); 38 days old 
retitle 64636 [m68k] error installing on powerbook 520c

#65431: Keymap not loading on Thinkpad 365x; 23 days old 
# fixed in upcoming b-f release

#65547: [modconf] Can't locate module serial; 20 days old 
severity 65547 fixed

#65694: problem with dselect post-install; 17 days old 
severity 65694 fixed

#66104: PCMCIA configuration can halt installation procedure; 9 days old 
severity 66104 fixed
# may be system related, not reproducible on multiple test installs

#66275: rescue.bin needs new root.bin 
severity 66275 fixed
# incorrect bug report, probably user error


(can't you tell i am bored?)

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