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Re: missing IDE devices for m68k?

> Hi,
> an Amiga user has some wierd problem with the boot-floppies, I hope[1]
this is
> due to missing IDE devices.
> I checked base2_2.tgz, there are no hdc and hdd devices, but there are
> hdf, hdg, hdh.

There was an identical situation with the m68k SCSI devices, i.e. no sdc or
sdd, which I fixed some time ago. The problem lies with MAKEDEV in the

    $0 $opts std
    $0 $opts fd
    $0 $opts fd0-bare fd1-bare
    $0 $opts hda hdb
    $0 $opts sda sdb
    $0 $opts ada adb

basedisks.sh calls MAKEDEV a couple of times, first of all like this:

# non-architecture-dependant devices
( cd $B/dev && /sbin/MAKEDEV generic hde hdf hdg hdh sde sdf sdg sdh scd-all
initrd rtc )

Which drops sdc, sdd, hdc and hdd for m68k. Then it call MAKEDEV again to
create the architecture dependent devices:

#   # temporarily added sdc and sdd until MAKEDEV generic gets fixed for
    (cd $B/dev && /sbin/MAKEDEV adc add ade adf sdc sdd)

I added the missing sdc and sdd devices and filed a bug report #61027
against makedev, you'll need to append hdc and hdd here as well.

Nick Holgate <holgate@debian.org>
GPG key from public servers : Key ID FD9C18AF
Fingerprint = 9DCA EDEA D5C5 57DA 23F3  1A2B 2273 5645 FD9C 18AF

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