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Re: woody installation system

On Sat Jun 17, 2000 at 08:13:54PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> [ I had meant to not start this discussion until after potato was
> released, so we could concentrate on making boot-floppies perfect for
> potato. However, that's dragging on, and it looks like our work there is
> mostly done, so here goes. ]
> For woody, I have agreed to serve as the leader of the boot floppies
> project. Adam Di Carlo and I talked it over in January when I was in
> New York, and agreed that Adam would continue spearheading any work that
> needs to be done on the potato boot floppies (including after potato is
> released, if necessary), while I become point man for the rest.
> I'm doing this because it needs to be done, Adam doesn't want to keep doing
> it, I have the time and backing (and I hope, experience) to do it, and I have
> ideas about the direction I would like to see the boot-floppies move in.
> That last isn't something that I am going to impose on the rest of you,
> of course. But I would get pretty grumpy if we just continued incremental
> improvements to the existing code base. It's time to throw one away
> (borrowing the good bits), and build something better.

Well then.  Fearless Leader, andersee reporting for duty. :)
I think as my first action as one of your minions, I will 
.deb'ify busybox for woody.

> To that end, I propose that we start a new cvs tree devoted to a new
> installation system for Debian. We'll have to come up with a name for
> the new system. We could keep calling it "boot-floppies", but that is
> increasingly innacurate. Some ideas inclde "debinst",
> "debian-installer", or some actual cool name someone comes up with. I
> hate naming projects. :-)

Urgh. Gurgle, gurgle.  Lets not let this one get out of hand.
Lacking a marketing department, I suggest we keep it simple.
"debian-installer" works for me.


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                   email:  andersee@debian.org
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