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woody installation system

[ I had meant to not start this discussion until after potato was
released, so we could concentrate on making boot-floppies perfect for
potato. However, that's dragging on, and it looks like our work there is
mostly done, so here goes. ]

For woody, I have agreed to serve as the leader of the boot floppies
project. Adam Di Carlo and I talked it over in January when I was in
New York, and agreed that Adam would continue spearheading any work that
needs to be done on the potato boot floppies (including after potato is
released, if necessary), while I become point man for the rest.

I'm doing this because it needs to be done, Adam doesn't want to keep doing
it, I have the time and backing (and I hope, experience) to do it, and I have
ideas about the direction I would like to see the boot-floppies move in.

That last isn't something that I am going to impose on the rest of you,
of course. But I would get pretty grumpy if we just continued incremental
improvements to the existing code base. It's time to throw one away
(borrowing the good bits), and build something better.

To that end, I propose that we start a new cvs tree devoted to a new
installation system for Debian. We'll have to come up with a name for
the new system. We could keep calling it "boot-floppies", but that is
increasingly innacurate. Some ideas inclde "debinst",
"debian-installer", or some actual cool name someone comes up with. I
hate naming projects. :-)

see shy jo

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