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Bug#65606: No installation of LILO to logical partition?

[Tim Hull <thully@worldnet.att.net>]
> When I installed Debian "potato" I was not allowed to install LILO to
> a logical partition.

By "logical partition", do you mean "extended partition" or "logical
drive"?  There is a difference.

> It says LILO can't be installed there, but in fact it can.

Not reliably.  I believe the MS-DOS MBR may have trouble booting an
extended partition, and I'd be very surprised if it could boot a
logical drive.  (I can't test this since I don't have any Microsoft
code on my computer.)

I'm betting a majority of Debian users have the MS-DOS MBR installed
when they go to install Debian.  So the safe answer to your request is
the answer we already have in there: "Don't do that.  If you *really*
know what you're doing, you can change it later."

Anything less is just asking for bug reports.


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