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Re: install problem

On Tue, Jun 13, 2000 at 07:59:24PM -0400 , Robi wrote:
> ok, i downlaoded all the idepci stuff again, and now tried the 2.88 disks.
> I moded the install.bat [from the idepci dir in root] file to reflect the
> 2.88 dists and the rescue.bin since there is no root. I get a Kernel

OK. Again wrong. The 2.88 images are really only for CD installs. They are
bootable themself and contain root.bin and the files from rescue.bin.

> panic, where it can't mount 01:00 , seems RAMDISK cant find valid ramdisk
> starting at 0.

of course, you need root.bin and NOT rescue.bin. So just get them from
> no good.
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