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Re: Boot Problem

>>>>> "Brit" == Brit Rothrock <4768905@mylinepcx.com> writes:

    Brit> When the system boots, the Linux opening screen appears - when we begin
    Brit> the installation, as soon as the load process begins,  we see "Lo" (a
    Brit> quick flash, so I'm not sure) and the system immediately re-boots.

 This sounds like what would happen on my laptop when I did not use
 the "Tecra" kernel last release.  It was something to do with
 `bzImage' vs `zImage' kernels, right?  I thought we'd fixed that by
 using the "Tecra" version for everything now?

 ... Or perhaps the `safe' flavor will cure it?  I've got to hand this
 one off.  Any ideas?

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