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[dbootstrap] Resume from http-fetch not working right.

 If I use net-fetch to get base2_2.tgz, and stop it in the middle,
 then attempt to resume it, the zcat | tar command fails.

 When I go over to vt2 and zcat the /target/tmp/base2_2.tgz, I get
 errors that say:

  invalid compressed data--format violated
  invalid compressed data--crc error
  invalid compressed data--length error

 The base2_2.tgz is too long, so it looks like the "Range:" header
 being sent is not working right, the whole file is sent, and is being
 appended to the partial chunk that was already there.

 Is this a problem with my apache configuration, or with `dbootstrap'?
 I wonder if the "Range:" header is only defined for HTTP/1.1?

 I will look into this tonight.

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