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Re: Bug#65429: boot-floppies installation stopped by tetex-bin bug

>    ... Although there is no way it is holding up boot-floppies
>    considering *every* (and that means all 6) one of the archs releasing with
>    potato have built boot-floppies 2.2.15. They are in the archive, go check.
>    So, it is not holding up anything.
> This is false.  I cannot install tetex-bin and I cannot install 
> boot-floppies using 

No, this is true. Look on the mirrors. You will see 2.2.15 boot-floppies
for all archs under potato. I didn't say you.

> So this is a bug.  I should be able to install boot-floppies using
> apt-get in these circumstances.  (If tetex is required for
> boot-floppies, then it has to install sucessfully also.)

Yes you should, and you can't because of tetex, which is a bug in tetext!.
If you filed a bug on every package that could not be installed because
another package could not be installed we would have a sphaghetti of
inter-dependent bug reports. This isn't the case. Put blame where blame
lies, on tetex.

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