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Plans to make dbootstrap/base-config easier and as automated as possible

I need to have the boot-floppies in a condition where I can have end-users
use them to install. In particular I need to have credit card size Debian
CDs that install without generating too much confusion. I have a patch to
debian-cd that allows the specification of parameters to dbootstrap during cd
generation. I would like to extend the features available via the boot

Modification to existing options:

quiet	1. Switch off splash screen.
	2. Do not ask about pre-2.2 compatibility during mkext2 dialog (assume no)
	3. Do not ask for ppp-configuration if cdrom is also set (base-config)
	4. Do not ask to erase downloaded files (base-config)

cdrom	1. Do not ask to insert CD ROM
	2. do not ask for ppp-configuration (if quiet is also set)
	3. Aviod prompts in base-config to insert CD-Rom if it is already inserted.

New boot options:

install=packagename	Skip tasksel and just install that package without user prompts.
			This could be a metapackage. Need that for my
			special purpose installation.

drivers=driver1,driver2	Skip driver configuration and just load these  drivers.
			It would be much better to have some means of
			autodetecting drivers. I packaged "detect" but I am
			not clear at this point on how this could be working.

autopart		Do autopartitioning (See below)

timezone=		Specify timezone

copycd			copy the cd /dists contents to /dists on the target
			partition. For a Credit card size cd the /dists is
			about 15-20Meg. Copying to HD avoids another insertion of the CD
			in base-config.

Add an alternative to partitioning called


this will wipe clean the first harddrive, do standard partitioning,
	formatting and making the hd bootable.

With these changes the complete installation process can be fully
automatized. Just throw in a properly prepared CD and it can zap the hd and
install if properly generated. The installation can be partially or fully
automatized as needed.

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