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Re: i386 frozen boot disk problems

On Sat, May 20, 2000 at 02:31:28AM -0400 , Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> "Stephan Jager" <stephanj@sci.kun.nl> writes:
> > What i mean, my internet connection is at eth1. When I configure eth1 via
> > the boot-disks, it refused to go to the next step, and demands that a
> > network is configured via eth0. So there is the problem, make sure after
> > you configured eth1, it will go to the next step.
> This is a pretty wierd case.  Why are you configuring your network
> device for installation as eth1 and not eth0 ?

because kernel detects those network devices that way? it's usually hard to
change it, without HW manipulations.

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