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Re: module won't install

> With knowing almost nothing about the internals of modconf, I suspect it
> works; I also suspect the outer infrastructure which calls it of having
> the problem. Second prize would go to a section of modconf that specially
> handles the case of installing (i.e., partitions piled onto /target instead
> of /). 
> How is this handled, btw? 
> - special cased in modconf? or

yes. it is very ugly.

> - handled outside of modconf, either by:
>     + chrooting the call (so /target looks like / to modconf), or

we don't do this now. in a woody rewrite of modconf this may happen.

>     + passing where the lib dir is as an option/parameter to modconf?

yes, this is part of it.

> Parts of the message this is a reply to suggest that a module list is
> artificially created outside modconf. Am I getting warm? :)

not sure what you mean.

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