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2.2.13 okay for first cycle? (was Re: Packages installed today)

On Mon, 8 May 2000, Richard Braakman wrote:

> I installed the 2.2.13 boot-floppies for powerpc, alpha, i386, and sparc.
> I also installed these packages, in the belief that they are needed
> for 2.2.13:
> kernel-image-2.2.15-alpha_2.2.15pre20-2_alpha.changes
> kernen-package_7.04.potato.2_i386.changes
> kernel-patch-2.2.15-powerpc_20000422-2.2.15pre20-1_powerpc.changes
> kernel-image-2.2.15-sparc_2.2.15-0.19.4_sparc.changes

Will these things be final for the first test cycle?

Where's m68k 2.2.13? Or is 2.2.12 okay for m68k?

And will there be arm boot floppies? I.e. are we not going to release arm
after all, or maybe we can release without boot floppies??

  Anne Bezemer

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