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Bug#63298: boot-floppies: [Alpha-Floppies] Usage of kernel 2.2 ext-fs features breaks compatibility with older MILO

Michael Holzt <kju@flummi.de> writes:

> We seem to have a misunderstanding here. I downloaded the disk-images on a
> pc, and used dd to copy them to a floppy. And then i tried to boot from this
> disks using MILO. And this failed.
> I didn't tried to make any filesystems. The problem is with the images.

Oh no!  I thought you were talking about something else.

Unfortunately, this is a known issue.  The 2.2 kernel is too big to
fit on a floppy with MILO, so the rescue disk is not directly bootable
from MILO.  For now, you have to make your own MILO disk using one of
the MILO images and linload.exe, from

I had special MILO disks for all the architectures at one point, but
since MILO is only 400K or so, and there are far too many MILO
architectures, it would have been impractical for CDs and hard on the
archive in general.

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