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Re: [Bruce Sass <bsass@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca>] Re: potato growing pains

Ian Zimmerman <itz@lbin.com> writes:

> Well, I looked at the archives, but can't find anything except perhaps
> this:
> Adam> Should we add some documentation on vc boot args to the syslinux
> Adam> help screens found in scripts/rescue/messages ?
> There was no resolution, I believe.

Well, Taketoshi Sano <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp> responded.
Message-ID: <y5aln28kdk3.fsf@kgh12351.nifty.ne.jp>

> So, once again: is there any way to make the installed kernel either
> use a specific LINES by COLUMNS resolution or else not use fbcon?

I don't really understand what bug you are reporting.  Is there a bug
filed for it?  Can you explain what you are seeing or what problem you
are trying to fix?  It Works For Me(TM).

Without a bug filed, we really cannot followup on this.

Workaround for the impatient: only certain kernels use fb.  Try a
different flavor.

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