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Re: boot-floppies on amiga/apus. friday cvs version.

Sven LUTHER <luther@debian.org> writes:

>   * the loop device stuff is braindead. I have the loop device as module, and
>     naturally dbootstrap cannot mount rescue.bin since the loop module is not
>     there. to momentarily solve this i unpacked the drivers.tgz file and
>     insmoded the loop module. This could be handled automatically,
>   isn't it.

That's m68k brain-death, not boot-floppies. Works perfectly fine for
me when loop.o is a module.  Assuming your modules are set up right.

>   * why not install the modules from drviers.tgz directly, if present, this
>     way there should be no need to do stuff with the loop device and
>     rescue.bin file. On apus and other arch/subarch who don't support lilo or
>     similar, rescue.bin is overkill anyway.

Do not comprehend.

>   * once i hand insmodded loop.o from the drivers.tgz, i try to install os &
>     modules, but get a Can't mount the rescue floppy, i try to loop mount it
>     by hand, but it didn't work also, maybe the rescue.bin is broken
>   ?

More likely m68k loop device is broken.  The CVS area has been
building pretty much fine all week.

>   * Well, as bug reported, my super floppy formated syjet isn't a valid
>     mountable device. /proc/partitions shows :
> 	8	16	1464900	sdb

You need to follow up to the bug#.

>   * With lots of other menus, when checking the state of the install, i get :
> 	libfdisk : error reading sector 538988403 : no such file or directory.

Doens't seem to happen on other arches AFAIK.  Wierd.

>   * after all of this, when viewing the partition table, only part of the
>     table is shown, i have 7 partitions (amiga partitioning), and /dev/sda4 is
>     target for install, prior to mounting it, all of them get shown, but after
>     i only get partitions 1 to 3 shown, as well as a reference to sdb, which
>     has no partition table (being my super floppy syjet cartridge).


> And naturally, there is the Arch2 renaming which was not properly done, but i
> will now be fixing that.


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