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Bug#61926: installation can't handle two-component pathname (e.g., /usr/local)

Package: base
Version: potato/frozen

During the installation process, the "Mount A Previously-Initialized 
Partition" operation doesn't handle mount-point pathnames with
multiple directory components.  

I tried to mount a partition as "/usr/local".  The operation failed,
saying "Mount failed: No such file or directory".

I would guess that the installion script use the mkdir command with 
no "-p" option.

** Seeing the symptom probably requires not creating the parent directory
of the mount point before trying to create the mount point. **

My sequence:
- I started with an already-partitioned disk.
- I booted from the rescue/root diskette pair.
- I proceeded through activating a (pre-existing) swap partition
- I re-initialized one parition and accepted it as the root partition
- I selected the "Mount A Previously-Initialized Partition" operation.
- I selected "Other: Enter name of other mount point".
- I entered "/usr/local".
- It said "Mount failed: No such file or directory".

Note that I did not mount any other partitions between mounting "/"
and "/usr/local".  (Specifically, I did not mount anything as "/usr"

Daniel Barclay
Digital Focus

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