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Bug#61730: install-mime obsolete

On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 05:35:27PM -0700, Lint wrote:
> Package: base
> Version: potato
> Well, I'm too stupid to figure out how to search the bug database to
> keep from being redundant, so I'll grit my teeth and submit this anyway:
> during upgrade from slink to potato I received the message "Warning:
> 'install-mime' is obsolete use 'update-mime' instead" several times. 
> Unfortunately it usually went by too fast for me to catch the associated
> program name.  Most noticeable was ImageMagic which spit out about a
> screen and a half of file types that would not have mime-type support. 
> Since this was a dist-upgrade, I kept my old mime support and everything
> works as well as it ever did.
> Suggest updating post-install scripts for programs that invoke
> 'install-mime' to 'update-mime'.
> Slink to Potato upgrade via apt-get.
> Custom 2.2.12 kernel that I D/Led and installed myself from source (as
> in, I didn't
> know I could apt-get install a kernel :P )

I'm not to sure about this, but I think this is normal on upgrades as the
old packages run their postrm scripts, they use the old install-mime to
remove themselves from the mime-support, while the new packages run
update-mime on postinst to install themselves in mime-support.

Could be wrong, but that's what it sounds like to me.

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