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Re: Problems installing lilo on master boot record with debian

Kjell Helge Strøm <Kjell-Helge.Strom@Infomedica.telenor.no> writes:

> I use my first disk for Nt and tries to install Debian on my second
> disk On my first disk I have created a 15 Meg Fat partition, so
> there should be no problem installing lilo on the master boot
> record. The only error message I get when installing is that "An
> error occurred Unable to save lilo to the mbr "

Can you look at what syslog messages appear on tty3?

If there's nothing significant, can you try again with the 'debug'
bootarg, and see if there is anything there, or else look at the
command which is run according to the debug syslog messages, then run
it yourself in tty2 ?

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