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Re: Spring forward

Well, I agree that this is not the most important boot floppies issue, but it seems to me it is a boot floppies issue.

If there's an additional question that needs to be asked during initial time zone configuration this does affect the boot floppies.
The additional question (only for people who go with local hardware time) is

"Do you want Debian to reset the hardware clock for the shift to or from daylight savings time?"

I assume that if Debian is running during the time change it will reset the clock. The question is how it should behave if it is not running then, but comes up for the first time after the change.

For reference, NT describes the option as "automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes." and provides the following additional explanation: "If you use more than one operating system, make sure that only one of them automatically adjusts for daylight savings time."

At 02:29 PM 4/2/00, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

>>Thus on dual boot boxes you should set hwclock to localtime.
>>The tz issue raises no new issues.
>I still think it does (or might).  Here's why.  If I sometimes boot
>MS-Windows (MSW from now on) then I need to set GNU/Linux to use local
>time.  If I'm using local time, somebody needs to reset the hardware clock
>when daylight savings starts or stops (this is an inference I make from the
>need to have MSW do this).
>MSW mostly: I let MSW reset the hardware clock, and things are fine when I
>boot into GNU.  (As long as I don't start it before MSW when the time zone
>GNU mostly:  Then I need GNU/Linux to reset the hardware clock.
>So I have two cases where I use local time. In one case I simply take the
>hardware time as right; in the other, I may want to adjust it.
>So I think we need to ask which of these behaviors to follow.  Of course,
>that assumes the time zone machinery can support both.

I have no idea how it works.  I never use dual-boot.  Anyhow, its not
a boot-floppies issue.  Can we move on to more important things?

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