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Spring forward

Now that the installation option to use the hardware clock as the local time is working, I wonder how this handles changes to clocks from daylight savings time. In the MS world there is an option about whether the system should adjust the clock for daylight savings. Perhaps such a question should be added to the install process?

I don't think there is an answer that will be right for everybody. The idea in MS land is that if you boot multiple OS's you only want one to reset the clock. Also, some hardware may be smart enough to figure things out on its own.

I recall that prior versions of debian also had an option to use the local time, so this is probably not new. But since things seem to be changing, and since it might be new, I thought I'd raise the issue. If the only clocks are UTC this issue never comes up, so it would be new if there were no local time option.

Also, I'm wondering what my computer will do tomorrow, when the clocks here go 1 hour forward (US).

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