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RE: Bug#61360: Info received (was Bug#61360: PCMCIA system left b ehind by base install gives pr oblems)

Hmmm... not sure how this became classed as a specifically boot-floppies
problem.  I submitted it as a problem with the base system in general.  It
involves a message / problem that arises late in the installation process,
long after the production kernel has been installed and the original boot
medium has been forgotten.  So Enrique almost certainly has no

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> Sent:	1 April 2000 09:04
> To:	BROWN Nick
> Subject:	Bug#61360: Info received (was Bug#61360: PCMCIA system left
> behind by base install gives pr 	oblems)
> Thank you for the additional information you have supplied regarding
> this problem report.  It has been forwarded to the developer(s) and
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