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Bug#61280: i386 bootdisks fail with 8 MB of memory

reassign 61280 boot-floppies

Note: this has been fixed in CVS and will make it into 2.2.9, to be uploaded


In reference to a message from Pekko Piirola, dated Mar 28:
> Package: base
> Version: N/A;
> Severity: critical
> I can't use bootdisks-i386 2.2.8-2000-03-09 with 8 MB of memory.
> The rescue disk boots OK, but after unpacking the root disk the
> boot process stops with following error message:
> ----------------
> VFS: Insert root floppy disk to be loaded into RAM disk and press ENTER
> RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0
> VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
> Freeing unused kernel memory: 140k freed
> modprobe: modprobe: Can't open dependencies file /lib/modules/2.2.14/modules.de
>  (No such file or directory)
> modprobe: modprobe: Can't open dependencies file /lib/modules/2.2.14/modules.de
>  (No such file or directory)
> init started:  BusyBox v0.43 (20000309-0030) multi-call binary
> Sorry, your computer does not have enough memory.
> -----------------
> The low-memory rescue disk doesn't even boot in 486SX because it
> depends on co-processor.  El cheepo machines with extremely low memory
> rarely have one.  I'd suggest you should configure the low-memory kernel
> to support also machines with no co-processor.
> -- System Information
> Debian Release: 2.2
> Architecture: i386
> Kernel: kernel-image-2.2.14_2.2.14-1 (from the rescue disk)
> -- 
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