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Re: Discovering what devices are already detected by kernel

On 28 Mar 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> As far as changes the dbootstrap, the only think I can think of that
> is feasible is a little status report, whereby dbootstrap simply
> offers a wide dialog box which contains info about what has already
> been detected -- i.e., network device, disks...

Sounds good.

> I've also been thinking about how it might not be too hard to improve
> the documentation without adding to much maintenance nightmare by
> actually extracting the /boot/config-* file and then taking the
> defines which are turned on for that kernel, and somehow (use of
> kernel-source Configure.help?) turning that into a readable list of
> devices supported by the different kernels.  This seems especially
> helpful on i386 where there are so many flavors.

That would be excellent.

> Thoughts?  Is it doable?  Will it solve your problem?  Does any RTM?

Well, I'd have to see the results before passing final judgement, but it
does sound promising.  Ultimately, it is the new users who will determine
if it works.  I am not in that category, so it's hard to be objective. :)

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