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some ideas for 2.2.10 (documenting, messages)

I'd like comments on some of my ideas of things to do for 2.2.10:

  * cp /var/log/messages from root.bin into /target/var/log/messages
    prior to reboot.  This lets the user look back at their installer
    log and will help our debugging.

    Perhaps the file should be copied to /target/var/log/install.log ?

  * more informational log messages from dbootstrap, such as,
    "formatting /dev/hda1 as ext2 (kernel 2.2 mode)"

  * when we're using kernels, extract the /boot/config* file and have
    that available from the documentation so the users can seem what
    options are compiled and and which are not; This is useful on i386
    esp. when users are selecting flavors to use

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