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Bug#60924: HTTP file retreival does not work.

> Can you send me a list of your net-fetch configuration
> settings and product names + versionnumbers of your proxy
> and http server?
> Are you willing to test another version of net-fetch that
> prints debug information, so that we can fix the proxy issue
> for your proxy server too?
> Thanks, Marcel

I will send you my http retrieval settings and also what kind of
proxy and web servers I am using.

I would be willing to use a debug version of net-fetch to help
you out with this problem, as well. I am going to re-install
anyways, since my LILO seems to be broken. I have an old NEC
486/100 with a 2 Gb IDE drive that I am installing pure Linux
onto. Unfortunately it continues to give me 'LI' at boot-up
despite the following lilo.conf file:

delay 20

The partitions are:

/dev/hda1	/boot <-- (only 10 Mb)
/dev/hda2	swap
/dev/hda3	/

Also, since I have a pure Linux system, I don't have to have
any of the partitions marked as 'bootable'. (At least I think
that's the way it should be.)

I might only need 'linear' instead of 'compact', though, to get
it working.

Let me know when you have a new root image on that site.



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