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Testing the new boot floppies

I've been trying out the new 2.2.8 boot floppies and have had some

First there is no way to setup PPP within the install procedure. Upon
rebooting after the Base System has been installed, I must move to another
VC and run pppconfig on my own, start the connection, and then I can use
the ftp method.

There is a bug report on this issue, so I hope it is being fixed.

Once I worked through the setup, I was able to choose an ftp installation
from within the setup script.

I guess it is good that we are now using apt instead of dselect, except
that I know nothing about this product, or what to expect from it, so I
quickly got into trouble.

The PPP configuration sets up the dialout to leave the speaker connected
once the connection is established, leaving you with a machine that makes
a very agrivating noise. I was able to modify the chat script ok to stop
this in the future. When I got into the actual download I was told that
the time to completion was somehwere in excess of 14 hours! As I have
never held a connection for that long, I am left with a serious question:
How does apt deal with a dropped line in the middle of the download? How
do I restart things once the connection has been re-established?

The "simple" install is actually pretty nice, although I believe I will
use the advanced method in the future. It would be nice if the simple
install included a single "standard" choice, as I am used to having a
standard system to start with, and then adding on what I need.

What are the chances of having a working ppp configuration by release

Waiting is,

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