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powerpc/apus 2.2.8 boot floppies report.

Hello, ...

here is my experimentation with the 2.2.8 boot fgloppies on apus :

  * the kernel used is too old, i hope next build will use a newer kernel (the
    current kernel package should be ok).

  * there is still problems with the keyboard configuration, apparently
    setting the prefix to "" makes dbootstrap search /amiga/amiga-fr.bmap,
    while amiga/amiga-fr.bmap is provided. I will revert to using a "amiga"
    prefix. How is it that this works for powermacs and other powerpc's ? what
    about the m68k guys ? Hartmut, What do you think about it ?

  * i will add the bootstrap program that is needed to launch linux on apus in
    a new $release/apus/bootstrap dir. is powerpc-specials the right place for
    this ?

  * I had problems when trying to read the recue.bin file while installing the
    kernel. it uses Amiga as prefix instead of apus. did fix that, but it
    still didn't want to install.

  * the directory structure where it searches for rescue.bin is not at all
    intuitive, and is not at all friendly toward people who don't have a full
    debian/disks mirror. in particular i was not able to make dbootstrap get
    the rescue.bin file which was in /debian/apus/images-1.44/rescue.bin.

  * is it normal that there are no modules installed in the root.bin root
    image ? in particular there is some stuff wrong about loop files and the
    above mentioned rescue.bin problem. Maybe it would be easier if i just
    read in the kernel and modules tarball directly. Also notice that i was
    not able to build the boot floppies with modules in the kernel instead of
    being a modules.

  * About documentation : there is still no documentation about booting
    debian on apus, the install-apus.txt file is empty. What should i put in
    it exactly, does it have to show the whole install process, in this case
    it is redundant with the standard debian install for i386, or just the
    apus specific stuff. Is there a template documentation i should follow
    here ?

Ok, thats all for now, will fix most stuff, and play with it.




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