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Re: Directory structure

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Ross Boylan wrote:

> At 11:31 AM 3/16/00, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> >[snip]
> >Anne's approach, basically a symlink farm, is not a very good idea--
> >remember that most windows FTP clients don't handle symlinks properly.
> Well, I think before we do any big-think, we need to decide what is and 
> isn't OK in terms of links.  I thought the consensus that the links were 
> not a problem.  More hazily, I think the idea was to use hard links for the 
> servers and symlinks for the CD's.  I don't have any particular expertise 

I proposed the other way around: as far as you (-boot people, FTP servers) are
concerned it's symlinks, the -cd team will make sure it ends up as hardlinks
on the CDs.

> in this.  I will vouch for the fact that windows ftp clients often screw up 
> symlinks, having recently tried a smattering of them on the debian archive.

Hmmm. I had the (maybe wrong) impression that FTP clients would regard
symlinks as regular files and just get them regardlessly. If this really is a
problem, we need hardlinks on FTP servers as well. The preferred mirroring
method (rsync) preserves hardlinks, and they'll end up on CDs as well, so this
is no problem.

  Anne Bezemer

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