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Re: Directory structure

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> Ross Boylan <RossBoylan@stanfordalumni.org> writes:
> > At 02:56 PM 3/14/00, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> > >Some time ago I posted my proposed directory structure (at
> > >http://www.uk.debian.org/~costar/bootdisks/disks-test/).
> > My take on this was that proved to be too big a change to implement for 
> > this release cycle.  I'd love to see it go in, if it could.
> > My take was as a participant in making the proposal, but purely a spectator 
> > to the actual doing it.
> Actually, I disagree.  The scheme has many problems:
> - the model doesn't demonstrate how subarches and flavors would work;
>   its i386-centric
> - big-disk sucks as the dir name for base2_2.tgz
> - why are disk-2.88 and network peers of each other; the layout has not logic to it
> Again, I'm pretty happy with the scheme we have now and am disinclined to
> change it. 

Please keep in mind that _newbies_ must be happy with the scheme. Your opinion
as experienced Debian user might not be that relevant in this case.

Which is exactly the problem with the current scheme: newbies are _not_ likely
to be happy with it. It needs enormous amounts of documentation, which is
lacking at this point.

So let me challenge you (& all -boot people) to write _good_ documentation
that describes exactly what a _newbie_ must do, in a way that a _newbie_
understands it. This means you have to spell out each flavour-media

And something like this is NOT what I mean with that (par. 5.3.1 of 2.2.8):

     1.   Get the following files from your nearest Debian FTP mirror and
          put them into a directory on your DOS partition:
          images-1.20/rescue.bin, images-1.20/safe/rescue.bin
          images-1.44/rescue.bin, images-1.44/safe/rescue.bin
          images-2.88/rescue.bin , images-1.20/root.bin,
          images-1.44/root.bin , drivers.tgz, base2_2.tgz, linux,
          install.bat and loadlin.exe.

Try to explain that to a newbie... :-(

  Anne Bezemer

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