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Re: resume current unoff (3rd March) debian-cd (kando.hu)

>>>>> "Florian" == Florian Lohoff <flo@rfc822.org> writes:

    Florian> i just finished my "test"-installation from the unofficial iso images
    Florian> on kando.hu (3rd March) on my Thinkpad 390E. Some things still dont
    Florian> work as expected.

 Thank you for helping us!

    Florian> - After the first try with tasksel i tried dselect with selecting the
    Florian>   xserver-svga (NeoMagic NM2200) etc - xserver-svga gets installed 
    Florian>   and gets configure with xf86config but the "test"-run of the Xserver
    Florian>   afterwards fails because "xfonts-base" is not installed and the default
    Florian>   "fixed" font is missing (Could not open default font "fixed"). Installing
    Florian>   xfonts-base afterwards doesnt help because the "Path" to
    Florian>   /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc is commented out in the XF86Config due to
    Florian>   non existance during installation i suppose - There should be a 
    Florian>   dependency from the xserver-common on xfonts-base i would say.

 Will you please see to it that this has been reported?  Check BTS
 first, and if there is no bug filed, please do so.

    Florian> That far - good work - Installation takes ~2-3 Minutes from a "normal"
    Florian> CD Rom and is really comfortable (Except the Location/Timezone selection).

 What did you not like about the timezone configuration?  Maybe it can
 be improved.  2.2.9 will be out sometime this week, hopefully.

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