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Bug#60179: Bring the champagne!

Hi Marcel,

You did a great work, this is just working now!

You can close the case - or can I also do it?

You rock man, and thanks a lot, again :).



PS: go sleep :))
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On Tue, Mar 14, 2000 at 10:37:03AM +0100, János Holányi wrote:

> I would go for all 5 disk images, if possible:
> disks-1.44/

> Basically, rescue.bin would be the essential one. If you believe that I can
> use the 2.2.8 version of the other 4, than I will.
> But, if possible, I would like to test the whole 5 set.

  Ok, I hope they work.  I only tested it using some test programs
  and not in a real install.

  I've put them on http://master.debian.org/~marcel/attic/.

  Cheers, Marcel

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