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Re: Uploaded boot-floppies 2.2.6 (source all) to master

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> >I just had the chance to try out the new install process, and I have a
> >couple of questions:
> Ok, I hope you don't mind if I cc debian-boot mail list.

Thanks! I wasn't sure where the right place was these days ;-)
> >The ppp configuration and start features, available in the last relese,
> >are no where to be found in this new install.
> Sounds like a bug in base-config....  Base-config (the pkg) is what
> runs after installation; it's debconf-based.  Feel free to file bugs
> against it...that's the best way to report problems on it.

Well, I'm not sure that this is where the problem starts. I didn't get
asked if I wanted to use ppp in the dinstall phase, so I wouldn't expect
base-config to make the offer.

> >In addition, once you reboot
> >the system, it is very hard to get out of the install script, once you get
> >past the two kinds of install. 
> Can't you do cancel from base-config?

I got into a loop where I just cycled around and around over several
options, none of which I desired...

> >Also, it is impossible to recover back to
> >this stage, once you get out, and run pppconfig, and set up your
> >connection.
> Well, you should be able to cancel out, get PPP up, then rerun it --
> 'dpkg-reconfigure base-config' I belive.
I'll give that a try.

> > While this install will work fine for folks with a CD-ROM to
> >load it from, the other options like ftp and nfs are worthless if you
> >ethernet card only connects you to a LAN with no access to a Debian
> >mirror. Is there any chance to get these features back into the boot
> >floppies for this release, or are all of us with only ppp connections to
> >the net SOL?
> I should think so, yes.  base-config *should* know if you selected a
> PPP connnection in dbootstrap (the system which runs *before* your
> reboot), and offer to run pppconfig I believe.  This is the root of
> your problem, no?
dbootstrap never asked. Where was I supposed to see this question?

> >I like the simplicity of the network install, but the two choices are
> >pretty lame. The dummy driver can be (and probably should be) set up in
> >every install that says yes to "do you have a network". This worked very
> >well for my LAN, and I would like to keep it, but also add the ppp
> >stuff.
> What benefit does it bring?  You are saying that having dummy around
> is useful for those who are on PPP gateway to LAN machines?  Or on any
> box should have dummy?  Why?

Well, on my box, PPP is a temporary connection to the Internet. The LAN
runs without name service. The dummy driver lets the machine access
sockets on "local host" from within the machine, so things like lambda-moo
can be run and accessed by local users even when the machine is not "on
the net".

The dummy driver doesn't get in the way, and gives the least surprise by
having it installed.

> >Maybe change this to a simple question: "Is this machine connected to a
> >LAN?", followed by the question: "Does this machine connect using PPP?".
> >I, and many others, have both and need both configured during the
> >installation.
> That's a good point.  Right now I think it's either/or -- it should
> allow both LAN *and* PPP.  You ought to file a bug against
> boot-floppies for this.
I never saw any option for ppp.

> >Exiting from the "choose a path to the rescue/drivers/base file" is a bit
> >difficult. Pressing return, upon entering the path to the archives,
> >doesn't move on to the next screen, but only highlights an ambiguous set
> >of characters. It took me several passes before I realised that I needed
> >to tab to the OK button. Is there some reason for this non-standard
> >behavior in data entry?
> Bug already filed.  Yes, this really needs to be fixed prior to
> release, I agree.

> >I am in the process of updating my book for the new release, and the
> >information you give me on these issues will be passed on to a wider
> >audience. I need to be able to deliver accurate information on these
> >points.
> Good luck with the book.  I kinda wish we could unify it with the
> Install Manual but oh well, I guess that's not really feasible.
I know the feeling. It has been an albatross around my neck instead of the
cash cow it was supposed to be.

Thanks for all the help,

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