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Bug#56604: Initial apt install config problems

I have tested HTTP install again with 2.2.6 and 2.2.7 slop 2000-02-08, on
respectively a Compaq DeskPro and a Toshiba Portege. In both cases I enter mirror
as the hostname and /debian as the directory. Apt then hangs there at 0%.

>From another console, pinging mirror succeeds immediately and lynx
http://mirror/debian produces a directory listing as expected (after Lynx has
been installed via other means). mirror (aka mirror.logica.co.uk, inside the
company firewall) is another potato system, mirrored from ftp.uk.debian.org. I
used apt via HTTP against it under slink with no problems, though never during
initial installation.

I have no problem using HTTP with apt once the system is fully installed, but I
have to use NFS to get that far. IP address, DNS etc assigned via DHCP in both

Ian Redfern.

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