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Bug#56604: Initial apt install config problems

Please do not submit laundry-list bug reports in the future.

Ian Redfern wrote:
> When setting up for NFS, it didn't ask for a server name, just a path.

Apt does not support auto-mounting a nfs server before it downloads files
from it, so all I can do is set things up so you can use a pre-mounted NFS
server, which is really handled just as a local mirror is handled. I added
the menu item because I thought it would help people; since people are
instead finding it confising, I will simply remove it.

> When setting up for HTTP, it didn't put a / in front of the directory,
> and when given one, it just hung when trying to fetch from it (and yes,
> Lynx has no problem with the same URL).

I need the exact text you entered and/or the generated apt-sources entries
to get anywhere with this. More detail please.

> When setting up for file (after mounting an NFS mirror by hand) it
> requires that the sources directory be present before it will continue
> and gives no option to skip sources - which I don't have mirrored.

This will be fixed in the next upload.

see shy jo

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