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2.2.7 slop build problems

Joey, Randolph,

Since this is a `slop' build I'll refrain from sending bug reports in,
let me know if that would be a better course of action.

This message gets printed to tty1 numerous times when trying to
configure device drivers:
	s/[-+,]/_/g: No such file or directory
and no descriptions are available.

Installation of the cdu31a.o module fails with the same messages it did
for 2.2.6 (minus the syntax error stuff).  I did see an email where 
Manoj S. closed the bug, did the fix make it into this build of 2.2.7?

Network configuration is not working how it should.
I replace the default text "debian" with "bms", hit enter, then get a
message that no network device is available and I should install a
module (perfectly logical since I don't have a network card).  If I
select "yes" to abort the net config step I get sent to the main menu
with "Configure the network" as the next step.  If I select "no"
dbootstrap restarts.  It behaved like this with 2.2.5, IIRC.  2.2.6
didn't leave `configure the net' as the next step, but it didn't do the
right thing things either (setup /etc/hosts with "bms",
again IIRC).

Configuring the base system stops the show with...
in a dialog:	error writing /target/etc/fstab
on the screen:	/target\//p: No such file or directory



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