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Bug#57094: cannot boot from compaq SmartArray 221 with frozen boot-floppies 2.2.5

In message <[🔎] 86r9eog1k3.fsf@godzilla.contigo.com> you wrote:
>this is a stock proliant 1600 with a SmartArray 221 raid controller.  it
>has a TI thunderlan nic in it.  since the TI thunderlan is a module, i
>selected that during the "install kernel and modules" phase.  (btw, why is
>it a module?  i'd figure that all proliant 1600's would have these cards,
>at least, we didn't ask for anything special.)

I dunno -- if you think the thunderlan should be compiled in the kernel
(it's a PCI network card?) then you can file a bug against

>everything went fine -- i
>manually lilo'd, rebooted, and the system came up fine.  however, tlan.o
>was not in /etc/modules so i had to insmod it by hand and then ifup.

Sounds like a modconf bug, which I think is fixed.

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