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Bug#57094: cannot boot from compaq SmartArray 221 with frozen boot-floppies 2.2.5

lantz moore <lmoore@contigo.com> writes:

> hi.  i'm attempting to install frozen on a compaq proliant 1600 with a
> SmartArray 221 controller providing a raid5 boot device.  i'm using the
> 'compact' flavor of boot disks.
> everything goes smoothly up until the first reboot.  that is, i can see
> the raid controller, partition the disk, and install/configure the base
> system.  i made the drive bootable and a boot floppy.  when i attempt to
> boot from the raid, i never receive a lilo prompt.  when i attempt to boot 
> from the boot (or rescue) disk, i receive a VFS kernel panic about not
> being able to mount the device at 00:00.  during the boot process (from
> the boot disk) the kernel *does* see the SmartArray and the partitions.

This looks like a lilo or mbr problem.

You should be able to boot from the rescue disk, with the bootargs,
i.e., 'rescue root=/dev/<whatever>'.

Can you send the output of 'fdisk -l /dev/<whatever>' where <whatever>
is your boot device, as well as your /etc/lilo.conf ?

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