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Re: [vague discussion] woody boot-floppies plans

Randolph Chung wrote:
> I think framebuffer is the right way to go, but whether it's in the form of
> a custom library or not... i dunno. Unfortunately none of the common
> framebuffer libraries (GGI for the most part) have widget sets.
Berlin is based on GGI, i wonder whether berlin can provide anything
like this, or could be close to in the near future.

There is an X server for GGI, so GGI could be the basis of a higher
level graphics GUI.

But i have to admit ive only read about GGI, i havent used it, anyone
more familiar with this than me?

> Microwindows (search on google) shows some promise. If we can find something
> so that we don't have an extra piece of code to maintain it's probably best;
> but if we do decide to work on a custom library, I'd be interested in
> helping out.
> randolph
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