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Re: mbr -- drawing the issue to a close

>>>>> "Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

    Joey> Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
    >> I'd rather see it go in base-config to keep the size and complexity
    >> of dbootstrap down.

    Joey> Er, I meant in the mbr package. I don't see how that bloats dbootstrap in
    Joey> the least.

 Ok; so the configuration via debconf belongs with the thing it is
 configuring.  Of course.  That makes the most sense. `dbootstrap'
 would be bloated by having to have a configuration dialog for the
 `mbr' or `lilo' features.

    >> I've increasing the size and verbosity of the installed lilo.conf,
    >> adding commented off lines for password and restrict.  It would be
    >> cool if base-config did something with those someday.

    Joey> No, it'd be great if lilo did something with them. base-config is not a
    Joey> catch-all for everything you think should be configurable on a debian
    Joey> system, it is a catch-all for everything that should be configurable and has
    Joey> no other good place to be configured.

 You are right.

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