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Re: mbr -- drawing the issue to a close

>>>>> "Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

    Joey> Randolph Chung wrote:
    >> I agree with you -- we should probably just go back to having no options.
    >> Joey, can you add something to base-config that lets people redo their
    >> lilo.conf/mbr setup? I'm not exactly how that would work... hm..

    Joey> It would be far better to modify mbr so it asks about this during install
    Joey> time. Then if could just be reconfigured as necessary (at the same time
    Joey> base-config runs, if that is thought to be a good idea). I would prefer to
    Joey> only add stuff to base-config as a last resort, if they have no better place
    Joey> to go.

 I'd rather see it go in base-config to keep the size and complexity
 of dbootstrap down.

 I've increasing the size and verbosity of the installed lilo.conf,
 adding commented off lines for password and restrict.  It would be
 cool if base-config did something with those someday.

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