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Re: bf 2.2.5 install

Riku Voipio <riku.voipio@iki.fi> writes:

> The module selection. It let me select the approriate 
> nic driver, and I used it to get the base system. 
> However, after reboot none of the modules where loaded.
> looks like it forgot to update /etc/modules. 

fixed in 2.2.6, in Incoming.

> Root was not unmounted before the reboot, but is a known 
> issue.

Hopefully fixed in 2.2.7, yes.  Is tricky I hear.

> However, Lilo was installed fine on the MBR, 
> and the keyboard (fi-latin) was all the time correct. 

Excellent news.

> The finnish mirror, sunsite.tut.fi wasn't available on 
> the install location list? Is it not official or why?

I dunno -- file a bug against base-config.

> Task selection seem to be somewhat w.i.p. With a supposedly reasonal
> set of tasks stuff like cron, at and exim were left unistalled.

This is very worrying.  I don't know how this sort of problem should
be fixed.  Should priority "Important" pkgs get installed by default?
should there be a task-base-plus type package that includes the stuff
one should really have but which is not in base?

> X-tasks didn't come with a decent window-manager

anXious should be run after install and should ask about window
manager, pick an x server, etc.

> And gnome-* stuff refused to install, because of depencies on
> packages that were not going to be installed?

Dunno.  File a bug 

> Good old dselect+apt ran fine anyway,
> so it wasn't a showstopper for me...
> Is anybody working with tasks? I could try to bake some
> them.
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