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bf 2.2.5 install

Great work, 2.2.5 looks not only promising but good 
already. It managed to handle all my screwups 
like hitting the driver disk in wrong order and 
noted when one another driver disk had a bad sector.
There were some glitches:

The module selection. It let me select the approriate 
nic driver, and I used it to get the base system. 
However, after reboot none of the modules where loaded.
looks like it forgot to update /etc/modules. 

Root was not unmounted before the reboot, but is a known 
issue. However, Lilo was installed fine on the MBR, 
and the keyboard (fi-latin) was all the time correct. 

The finnish mirror, sunsite.tut.fi wasn't available on 
the install location list? Is it not official or why?

Task selection  seem to be somewhat w.i.p. With a 
supposedly reasonal set of tasks stuff like cron, at 
and exim were left unistalled. X-tasks didn't come with 
a decent window-manager And gnome-* stuff refused to install, 
because of depencies on packages that were not going to
be installed? Good old dselect+apt ran fine anyway,
so it wasn't a showstopper for me...

Is anybody working with tasks? I could try to bake some

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