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Bug#56887: boot-floppies: http and ftp install should query for a http-proxy

reassign 56887 base-config

>Installation of the rest of the system. I got base and drivers of a mounted
>partition but later on, before the first time dselect is started, I could
>only choose ftp, http, etc., not the ftp_ and http_proxy.
>I normally install debian where there's direct ftp access to one of the
>mirrors so I never came across that problem.

Oh.  If you were trying to configure apt within dselect to use a
ftp/http proxy, then the bug is apt's fault.

If you were trying to configure apt with base-config to configure a
proxy, the fault is in base-config package.

Doing proper base-config configuration makes doing it in apt
unnecessary, thus I will refile the bug to base-config.

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