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Re: broken things with 2.2.6

>Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> many DHCP problems, and dhcp/pcmcia problems -- seems to be completely
>>  broken with an err msg scribbling on dbootstrap
>>  -- dhcp support shouldn't be the default or should remain the default?
>I now have a laptop from a friend and will look at these tomorrow. DHCP
>is not the default, there is always a question if the user wants to use

Um, DHCP *is* the default, i.e., it asks if you want to use DHCP, and
the cursor is on the "yes" button, so if the user just hits return,
they get DHCP.  Thus it is the default.

Such issues may seem minor but they are easy to change and important
for users to get right.

>> people reported network problems (i.e., network not started,
>>  hostname not set, domainname not set, /etc/hosts not populated)
>Anthony has just uploaded netbase (3.16-9) which should fix some of these
>problems, I will do a lot of testing tomorrow.

Ah...  Maybe I should build another 2.2.6 set with this new netbase.

Watch out for the new apt (.17 I think) because that is broken for
building base.

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