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Re: Bug#56934: boot floppies

The APT docs claim that APT will only issue a warning if it cannot find
the Packages and Sources files, base-config should reflect that
behaviour rather than trying to redo the apt configuration step.

- Bruce

On 3 Feb 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> reassign 56934 base-config
> thanks
> Johno Sullivan <johno@tornado.ie> writes:
> > I started installing from a fresh mirror on a local harddisk. The mirror
> > doesn't include the sources branches. The installation won't proceed past
> > the "selecting installation medium" stage without finding
> > main/source/Sources, contrib/source/Sources and non-free/source/Sources.
> This is a base-config bug.  I agree with you.  It should get fixed
> soon.

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