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Bug#56812: boot-floppies: Configuration installed incorrectly

reassign 56812 modconf

Thomas Hungenberg <th@coodex.de> writes:
> I just tried to install a new potato system with boot-floppies-2.2.5
> from a debian mirror.
> After the first reboot I noticed that the modules I "installed"
> were not loaded (e.g. epic100).
> /etc/modules contains no entries for the modules to be loaded
> (just "#auto").

Known modconf bug.

> Second, I noticed that my network configuration was written to
> /etc/network/interfaces but not to /etc/init.d/network.

That's because /etc/init.d/network is not used anymore,
/etc/init.d/networking runs ifup -a which reads

I wonder that you had a file /etc/init.d/network at all... hmm... that
shouldn't be there.

> So, after loading the epic100 module manually and calling
> '/etc/init.d/network start', eth0 was configured with the default
> network parameters (e.g. IP and not with the parameters
> I entered during installation of the system.

Try 'ifup -a' instead or run /etc/init.d/netowkring.

For the purposes of this bug report, we're going to ignore the 2nd
half of the report since (a) talking about two bugs in one report is
bad, and (b) it maybe pilot errror.

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