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Bug#56812: boot-floppies: Configuration installed incorrectly

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.5
Severity: grave

I just tried to install a new potato system with boot-floppies-2.2.5
from a debian mirror.
After the first reboot I noticed that the modules I "installed"
were not loaded (e.g. epic100).
/etc/modules contains no entries for the modules to be loaded
(just "#auto").
Second, I noticed that my network configuration was written to
/etc/network/interfaces but not to /etc/init.d/network.
So, after loading the epic100 module manually and calling
'/etc/init.d/network start', eth0 was configured with the default
network parameters (e.g. IP and not with the parameters
I entered during installation of the system.

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